Barbara Elizabeth Stewart, The New New York: 2050, The Solutions Journal, Volume 4, Issue 2, March 2013, Pages 14 ( Abstract: It seems impossible, until it is done. Nelson Mandela In 2050 it’s a pleasure to breathe. The air is fresh, even in the biggest cities. Commuters don’t reach home frazzled after being tied up in bad traffic. The world is simpler in 2050. There are fewer consumer goods but there is more time, more conversation, and more contentment. The most threatening crises of 40 years earlier have been quelled or, at least, are being addressed. The air, water, and soil are no longer poisoned. The clean water, fresh air, and fertile soil that were once the birthright of all beings are on their way to being restored. By 2050 great changes have taken place in nearly every aspect of life, but first and foremost in attitudes, values, and actions. Things got bad before they got better. After superstorms and droughts in 2012 caused enormous damage. The gap between the rich and everybody else became unendurable. Economic collapse, endemic unemployment, glaring injustice, and … Topics: Climate Change; Inequality