Christina Asquith, The New Oprah – A New Arabic Language Talk Show that Lifts Taboos on Women, The Solutions Journal, Volume 7, Issue 1, February 2016, Pages 14-16 ( Abstract: For more than 20 years, Iraqi-born Zainab Salbi founded and ran Women for Women International, a DC-based, global women's rights organization. In 2008, she published a best-selling memoir, Between Two Worlds, about growing up in Saddam Hussein's Iraq. This year, the 46-year-old launched the Nida'a Show, an Arabic language talk show that has included Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, Arab rappers, female comedians, and frank talk about sex, women's rights, and ISIS. The Nida'a Show currently airs in 22 countries across the Middle East. For years, you've advocated for women's rights. Talk to us about how you see a talk show achieving these goals? Women are facing a huge backlash in the region now. ISIS is 100,000 people out of one billion Muslims, but my worry is the long-term effect. Look at Mosul, and across Iraq: all women are covering themselves for safety. If you leave it like that for long enough, it will just become the norm. Why the talk show? It's not to be rich and famous. … Topics: Communication; Community; Religion