Zafirah Zein, The Place of Muslim Women in Islamic Space, The Solutions Journal, Volume 6, Issue 5, December 2015, Pages 37-39 ( Abstract: The amount of space afforded to women in Islam has long been a topic of debate. Traditionally, men lead prayers at home and outside. Men raise the call to prayer, preach during sermons, and take up more space in mosques. There are far less female imams, and women typically pray in separate, more modest quarters allocated to them. In 2011, Istanbul's former deputy mufti, or Muslim jurist expert Kadriye Avci Erdemli implemented the "Beautification of Mosques for Women" campaign, which strove to improve the facilities and conditions of women-designated areas in the city's mosques. In a city that is home to more than 3,000 mosques, including a few of the world’s most majestic, Erdemli had found that many betrayed Islam's message of equality in spaces of worship. While men are more obliged to attend mosques within Islamic tradition, the conditions of female spaces in Istanbul were turning away women from visiting these sacred places at all. Inspections under the campaign … Topics: Religion; Women