Casson Trenor, Traitor Joe’s Cleans up its Act, The Solutions Journal, Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2011, Pages 11-12 ( Abstract: In 2008, Greenpeace USA launched the Carting Away the Oceans campaign to highlight the U.S. seafood industry’s leaders and laggards in sustainability. The campaign appraises seafood retailers according to four key criteria: sourcing policy, political and corporate initiatives, transparency and labeling, and overall inventory. In three reports, Trader Joe’s was identified as the poorest performing national retailer. At the time, several retailers were already making progress in these areas: Wegmans was working toward a strong sourcing policy. Whole Foods was taking aggressive stands on key initiatives and political issues, including supporting efforts to end bottom trawling. Ahold was disseminating information to its customers about sustainable seafood and its own supply chain. And Target was initiating a massive inventory reform that would eventually result in the elimination of many “red list” products, such as farmed salmon. Trader Joe’s was performing abysmally … Topics: Business; Fisheries