Garry Wilson, Greg Johansson, Dave Woods, Ross McIsaac, Steve Penno, James Palmer, Charles Heaphy, Alistair Jerrett, Suzy Black, Gerard Janssen, Damian Moran, Graham Stuart, Ross Tocker, Robin Connor, Nathan Reid, Eric Barratt, Katherine Short, Bill Falconer, Transforming Bulk Seafood Harvesting by producing the Most Authentic Wild Fish, The Solutions Journal, Volume 10, Issue 2, June 2019, ( Abstract: Precision Seafood Harvesting was catalysed by two scientists in 2005 noticing in video footage of inside a fishing net, that there was a low velocity waterflow zone just in front of the cod-end where Hoki, an important commercial fish species, were swimming easily. These fish physiologists from the Plant and Food Research (PFR) Seafood Group had spent a decade researching how to minimise fish stress by understanding which harvesting conditions did not match target fish species physiological limitations. They then handline caught Hoki to better understand its more natural attributes i.e. When brought up from approximately 200m, Hoki is iridescently coloured with translucent flesh, along with other attributes of minimally fatigued fish – in stark contrast to conventionally trawled Hoki with poorer condition through for example scale loss. They realised the enormous innovation potential to revolutionise New Zealand’s biggest fishery, and potentially transform bulk harvest fishing … Topics: Fisheries