Robert Dyball, Federico Davila, Ariane König, Transforming the World by Transforming the University: Envisioning the University of 2040, The Solutions Journal, Volume 7, Issue 3, May 2016, Pages 12-16 ( Abstract: We are educating students to engage with a future that will be very different to the era in which most universities were established. Global change is accelerating in every sphere of society. As intersecting technological, social, environmental, and economic issues become increasingly complex, the future becomes less predictable. Given this uncertainty, how might education in 2040 look? Specifically, how will universities combine research, teaching and learning, and civic engagement to foster just and sustainable futures?   The Challenges: Old-Fashioned Academia   Creating just and sustainable futures requires nurturing students to be change agents, adept at novel, complex, and interdisciplinary thinking.1 These are skills that universities were not established to provide, and many find themselves poorly equipped to foster them.2,3   In traditional academic institutions, teaching intervention skills, civic engagement, and interdisciplinary work is … Topics: Community; Education; Globalization; Human Rights; Sustainability; Youth