Siddharth Kara, Twenty-First-Century Slaves: Combating Global Sex Trafficking, The Solutions Journal, Volume 2, Issue 2, March 2011, Pages 27-30 ( Abstract: Sex trafficking is an exceedingly barbaric, highly profitable component of modern-day slavery. In the course of ten years of research across twenty countries, I have directly interviewed more than one thousand current and former slaves of all kinds, and some of the most heartbreaking tales I have heard were those narrated by individuals who have suffered years of sexual enslavement at the hands of traffickers and pimps. Despite recent improvements in antitrafficking activism and awareness, the crime of human trafficking remains poorly understood. With sex trafficking, this is particularly due to a tendency toward sensationalism rather than strategic analysis of how the crime functions. Like all forms of slavery, sex trafficking is a business, and understanding the business and economic functioning of the crime can provide insights into more effective ways to combat it. In order to understand the sex trafficking industry, we must first outline its business model. That business … Topics: Economy; Globalization; Inequality