Corinne Schuster-Wallace, Susan Watt, Dennis Willms, Mariam Kenza Ali, Alice Bouman-Dentener, Jean Chamberlain, Ania Grobicki, Diana M.S. Karanja, , Maria Mutagamba, Eve Nakabembe, Ross Michael Pink, Virginia Roaf, Robertetta Tita Rose, Robert Sandford, Water and Women: A Collective Vision for the Future, The Solutions Journal, Volume 7, Issue 6, November 2016, Pages 10-14 ( Abstract: Almost 25 years ago, women and men gathered in Dublin, Ireland, for an international conference on water and the environment. The Dublin Statement on Water and Sustainable Development agreed upon at this event was a pivotal document six months before Rio and the Earth Summit.1 The Dublin Statement provided the first official recognition of women as central to "the provision, management, and safeguarding of water" (Principle 3). Participants of the Dublin conference started us on our current path towards realizing the complex and critical linkages between water and women. Most recently, through the Water for Life Decade,2 this path has led to Agenda 2030 (the Sustainable Development Goals), which includes global goals on both gender equality (SDG Goal 5) and water and sanitation (SDG Goal 6).3 This publication draws attention and clarity to the linkages between gender equality and water and sanitation. The contents of this special issue have been brought together, using … Topics: Governance; Water; Women