Myles Mander, Debra Roberts, Nicci Diederichs, What Car Salesmen Can Teach Environmentalists, The Solutions Journal, Volume 2, Issue 6, November 2011, Pages 24-27 ( Abstract: Cast your mind back to the last time you purchased a car. Did the salesman win you over with a pitch about the 457 nuts and bolts of the car, about the 33 types of plastic used in construction, about how the wheel turns 1,368.5 times in a kilometer, and about the temperature in the combustion chamber? It’s doubtful. More likely, he told you about how the car’s services and benefits affect your life directly: how many people it can seat, how the airbags get deployed in a collision, how safe the car is for you and your family, and how many dollars you will save on a tank of fuel. Now consider the sales pitch of the environmentalists when they are trying to convince us to take care of the environment. Most environmentalists regale us with lists of bird, tree, and mammal species and big words, such as biodiversity. We are told about the ecological nuts and bolts, not about how this ecology directly affects our lives. Most people cannot connect the dots between species, … Topics: Biodiversity; Conservation; Ecosystem Services