Zafirah Zein, Women in the Dome, The Solutions Journal, Volume 6, Issue 6, December 2015, Pages 73 ( Abstract: In 1992, United States politics was abuzz with the energy of four newly elected women in the wake of a sexism-related controversy. The year prior, Clarence Thomas was sworn in as the 106th Supreme Court Justice despite sexual allegations against him made by Anita Hill. The outcome of the hearings prompted the running and election of Patty Murray, Carol Moseley Braun, Dianne Feinstein, and Barbara Boxer into the U.S. Senate. Observers heralded the period as the Year of the Woman. Today, women make up 20 percent of the Senate. They hold 104 seats out of 535 in Congress, and fill almost 25 percent of positions in state legislatures. While significant progress has been made in women's inclusion in politics and the influence of many female leaders, women continue to be underrepresented in the political arena. Larissa Faulkner, director of the Tahoe Center for Professional Development, started the website In the Dome with the aim of creating a standard for the work of women in … Topics: Governance