Jennie Spector, Zika is Infected with Sexism, The Solutions Journal, Volume 8, Issue 1, January 2017, Pages 33-35 ( Abstract: It may take two to tango, but governments, religious leaders, and health officials seem to feel that containing Zika is a one-person dance. The beginning of 2016 brought with it a flood of global attention to the mosquito-transmitted virus that is rapidly spreading throughout the Americas. While the full scale of the disease's damage remains unclear, focus has rested on infected pregnant women, who are at risk of passing on infant microcephaly, a condition that causes the skull of an infant to be unnaturally small, leading to defects in brain development. Consequently, women are being framed as both the primary victims of Zika and its lonely combatants. Solutions provided by governments and health officials ask women to ward off Zika with weapons to which they have no access. Strategies that can only be implemented with the assistance of outside resources and male cooperation go unmentioned. Instead, women are facing restricted abortion, limited access to contraceptives, a … Topics: Governance; Health; Women