Alan AtKisson has worked in more than 40 countries as a consultant and communicator advising companies, governments, and international agencies on sustainability strategy, governance, and management,. He is president of the AtKisson Group, the global consultancy network he founded in 1992, and founder of the ISIS Academy, an international training and professional development firm. His clients have included the United Nations, companies such as Levi Strauss and Nike, sustainable development initiatives like the Nile Basin Initiative and Baltic 21, numerous government agencies and cities, and global NGOs.

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The Balaton Group has been responsible for the creation or accelerated development of a number of innovations in the field of sustainable development. However, to understand the history of the Balaton Group, one must begin with the history of the Club of Rome, and the report that the club sponsored and published in 1972, The […]

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The pathway for conversion to a renewable energy future has been pioneered by Denmark and a few other visionary nations. But a global transition to renewable energy requires a focus on the developing world, where 80–90 percent of the growth in energy demand will occur in coming decades.1 To meet global deadlines on emissions reduction, […]

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