Arnold studied journalism and comparative Politics. After a career in journalism, in 2004 he switched to media and communication for development and has since designed, managed, and implemented public awareness, civic education, advocacy campaigns, media, and communication strategies and training in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Asia Pacific, Nepal, and Somalia. In 2016 Arnold briefly returned to The Netherlands to support the Women for Water Partnership, on behalf of which he wrote this contribution. He currently works as a knowledge management advisor on the Building Climate Resilience of Watersheds in Mountain Eco-Regions project in Nepal, funded by the Climate Investment Fund (CIF).

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Women and children bear the primary responsibility for water collection, spending up to six hours each day collecting water.1,2 In Africa and Asia, women and children walk an average of 3.7 miles per day just to complete this task.3,4 What’s more, those women and girls across the world living without toilets spend 266 million hours […]

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