Ashok Gadgil is the director of the Energy and Environmental Technologies Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of California-Berkeley. Ashok has won numerous awards and honors for his inventions, including the Heinz Award (2009), the Zayed Future Energy Prize (2012), and the Lemelson-MIT Global Innovation Award (2012).

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Approximately three billion persons around the world eat daily meals cooked with fuel consisting of wood, twigs, agricultural waste, animal dung, and charcoal. They cook in diverse ways with diverse foods in diverse pots across many cultures, often on three-stone fires. A three-stone fire refers to three stones placed on the ground, supporting …

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Independent researchers detected arsenic in the groundwater of West Bengal as early as 1983. In the arsenic-affected areas, people continue to substantially rely on this groundwater for drinking and irrigation. Arsenic enters the groundwater from naturally occurring arsenic-bearing sediments in the surrounding rock, though the details of the …

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