Barbara Redlingshöfer is currently developing her research activities in the field of industrial ecology on the analysis of food waste at INRA (France). She uses the concept of social metabolism applied to urban food systems. On food waste, she participated in the FP7 project FUSIONS (Food Use for Social Innovation by Optimising Waste Prevention Strategies) (2012-2016) and contributed to the workpackage 1 on measuring food waste. More recently, she coordinated a study on food waste in French food supply chains (2014-2015) and another study, based on a foresight approach, analysing reduction measures in urban settings (2015-2016). She also contributed with her topic to Inra’s foresight analysis on “Food System Sustainability”, published in April 2013 at Cambridge University press. She holds a degree in Human nutrition and Home economics from Giessen University, Germany.


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testing One of the central sustainability challenges of our time is how to achieve food security for a population anticipated to exceed nine billion by 2050 while minimizing further environmental degradation.1 Further, food consumption patterns are changing rapidly as average wealth increases (especially for the emerging ‘middle …

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