Professor of Forest Ecology and Management at KU Leuven, and former director of the Royal Institute for Sustainable Management of Natural Resources and Promotion of Clean Technologies, Belgium. He published highly cited research on sustainable management of biological production systems including forestry and bioenergy systems. He developed tools for land use impact assessment and trade-off analysis between biomass production, climate mitigation, water cycles and biodiversity safeguards. Recently, he investigates the mechanisms behind positive biodiversity-productivity and biodiversity-stability relationships in forests under climate change. Wide experience with forest restoration in Africa.

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Introduction In the last 50 years, the biosphere, upon which humanity depends, has been altered to an unparalleled degree[i]. The current economic model relying on fossil resources and addicted to “growth at all costs” is putting at risk not only life on our planet, but also the world’s economy. The need to react to the […]

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