Holds M.A. in Environmental Management and Development from Australian National University (ANU), Ms. Battsetseg is a young climate change professional. Started her career as a Government Officer responsible for climate change adaptation and finance in the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Mongolia in 2012, she has trained more than 300 local authorities in integrating climate change into development planning. Ms. Battsetseg has substantially contributed to Mongolian Government’s effort to develop sectoral adaptation plans and ensure the country’s readiness to access international climate funds, particularly the Green Climate Fund (GCF). In this regard, she prepared the country’s readiness and preparatory support programme and facilitated the financial management and capacity assessment of entities seeking accreditation from international climate funds. Prior to starting her graduate studies at ANU in 2016, Ms. Battsetseg was a Project Manager for Mongolia’s Third National Communication under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change while also serving as Mongolia’s Focal Point to the GCF.
Ms. Battsetseg was awarded Elspeth Young Prize for her social contribution from ANU.

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The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change1 asserts that herders with minimal assets in semiarid and arid regions are exposed to the greater risk of losing their household income and livelihoods due to climate-driven decline in agricultural productivity. The statement suggests the increased vulnerability of herders to climate change and the …

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