Beth is a research ecologist with the Wetland and Aquatic Research Center, U.S. Geological Survey in Lafayette, Louisiana. Her research interest is on how wetland function changes across large geographical areas. She works with managers to find solutions to conservation problems, particularly those that involve the entire river system. She is interested in the potential of freshwater remediation to remedy tidal swamps stressed by salinity intrusion. She is president of the Society of Wetland Scientists, a Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer, and a Fellow of the National Conservation Leadership Institute. She is a gardener.

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The Problem The freshwater faucet has been turned off to many coastal bays, estuaries, and wetlands to supply the voracious needs of humans. Freshwater extraction from rivers is increasing as human population grows along with the expansion of urban, agricultural and industrial development.1 The demand for water has become so high that …

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THE CRITICAL ROLE OF WET-DRY CYCLES Although tropical wetlands depend on seasonal periods of wet and dry conditions, these wetlands are increasingly threatened by changes in hydrology.1-5 These hydrologic alterations are due to human-related drivers including climate change and water management designed to meet agricultural, industrial, and …

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