Burak Güneralp is a Research Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University. His research interests center on interactions between socio-economic and biophysical systems, in particular the linkages between urbanization and sustainability. He uses various theoretical frameworks and methodologies including systems analysis and geospatial analysis to study direct and indirect impacts of urbanization that cuts across disciplinary boundaries. He has applied his analytical framework –among several other socio-economic and environmental problems– to key issues about urban sustainability, ranging from the drivers of urban land change to impacts of urbanization on biodiversity and protected areas.

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A recent global assessment by hundreds of scientists, the Cities and Biodiversity Outlook (CBO) examined how the coming massive global urban growth will interact with the natural world.1 By 2030, there will be almost 2 billion new urban residents, and this rapid urban growth has significant implications for the fate of human society and the …

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