David studied at Arizona State, Claremont College, and received his Ph.D. in economics from Stanford in 1963. Before coming to UCSC as a founding member of Stevenson College, he was at the Brookings Institution and the University of Pittsburgh for two years each. His original work focused mostly on labor related and military defense issues; more recently his interests, written and teaching, have turned to the economics of the arts. David says that he’s a better clarinet player than economist, but has been paid better as an economist. Given his age, many people wonder why he’s still working. David claims that as a labor economist, and experiencing the pleasures of university teaching and research, he’s spent his career wondering why people work.

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When browsing among the shelves at the local book store, The Cost Disease is apt to be a turnoff for those looking for an upbeat read. In a sense, this would be a serious error, and a daring reader would soon discover that in less than a century, “the amounts we can consume of virtually […]

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