Eric Rasmussen arrived as CEO for InSTEDD in October 2007 after retiring from the U.S. Navy. While in uniform he served as chair of the Department of Medicine in an academic medical center and fleet surgeon for the U.S. Navy’s Third Fleet. He led disaster-response teams in Banda Aceh, Katrina, and Haiti and deployed to Bosnia (three times), Afghanistan (two times), and Iraq (ten months). He holds multiple academic positions and has been a principal investigator for both the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and for the National Science Foundation.

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Climate alterations are already making several areas of the globe increasingly inhospitable to continued human occupation, and environmental refugees are becoming a measurable fraction of the world’s displaced populations. Despite the clarity of the data, mitigation strategies around climate change have been difficult to implement. At the same …

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On a sunny Tuesday afternoon, January 12, 2010, just before five o’clock, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The quake destroyed more than 280,000 buildings in the metropolitan area, killed perhaps 230,000 people within the first 72 hours, injured more than 300,000, and displaced more than 1 million. Some smaller towns to …

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