Dr. Evelyn Gaiser is Executive Director of the School of Environment, Arts and Society, Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and Southeast Environmental Research Center at Florida International University (USA), and lead Principal Investigator of the Florida Coastal Everglades Long-Term Ecological Research program. She is an aquatic ecologist who studies algae as “sentinels” of the effects of long-term changes in climate and land-use in wetlands and lakes, nationally and internationally. Dr. Gaiser unites faculty across the natural and social sciences and humanities in creative work and inspirational teaching to foster sustainability of the planet and facilitates the advancement of science through collaboration and public-private partnerships.

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Loss, Restoration and Multiple Values of Wetlands Where data exists, it has been shown that humans have destroyed 50-87% of the world’s original wetlands1, leaving about 12 million km2 of wetland area2. This alarming loss of wetlands was mostly caused by agricultural and urban development. Stakeholders involved in the conversion of wetlands …

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