Francesco Chiappelli, Ph.D., Dr. Endo. (honoris causa) is Professor Emeritus at UCLA Center for the Health Sciences, as well as California State University, Northridge, where he taught biostatistics as a part-time faculty for four years. Upon entering his retirement, Dr. Chiappelli decided to dedicate his expertise in the health sciences to contribute toward effective solutions to our climate crisis, particularly with respect to the plethora of medical consequences to global warming. He also commenced a new career as a writer of historical novels, mysteries and Christian disquisitions ( As an avid lover of nature, and in particular the sea, he has grave concerns about the damage we have done, and are doing to our planet, especially with respect to plastic pollution. He and his loving wife, Olivia, have two dogs, and love all dogs, and all animals.

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From Climate Change to Climate Crisis It behooves us to entertain the validity of climate solutions from the perspective of systems thinking1. As we have outlined in our recent discussion of the increased risk of HIV, AIDS, IRIS and Neuro-AIDS consequential to climate change9, our survival, and the survival of all prokaryotes and eukaryotes, …

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