Frank Zelko is a professor of environmental history at the University of Vermont. His research focuses on the history of environmental movements. He has published work on environmental activism in the US, Canada, Germany and Australia, and is the author of Make it a Green Peace: The Rise of Countercultural Environmentalism (Oxford University Press, 2013).

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In 2010 the United States government supported a proposal by Monaco that would have imposed a ban on the international trade of Atlantic bluefin tuna under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).1 The proposal recognized the cold fact that these prized tuna populations have been fished to …

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Every Antarctic summer, in front of a spectacular backdrop of calving icebergs, the Southern Ocean becomes the theater for an often-slow but occasionally action-packed show called The Whale Wars. The title of a reality TV program produced by the cable television company, Animal Planet, the phrase also suffices as a description of a conflict …

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