A visual story teller and rapid ideator Gamelihle Sibanda is a Certified Biomimicry Professional (CBP), who fuses his training in civil engineering (BSc Civil Eng. Honours), business (MBA) and biomimicry (Master of Science in Biomimicry) – he abstracts strategies that nature has tested and refined over 3.8 billion years to create solutions to human challenges, whilst benchmarking against ecological performance standards exemplified by the closed resource loop (circular economy) of natural ecosystems, where the concept of waste does not exist as one organism’s waste is another’s food or raw material. As a systems thinker, he applies ecosystems based disaster risk reduction, adaptation and resilience in a changing climate. He co-developed the Biominga Innovation Model – based on how innovation happens in nature.

Name: Gamelihle Sibanda
Mobile: +27 72 570 6408
Affiliation: Biomimicry South Africa

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What are basic human needs? How do we currently meet them? How does nature meet similar needs? How are pioneering innovators emulating natures’ strategies to meet human needs in a sustainable manner? Scientists warn us that we have breached planetary boundaries and are currently consuming resources as if we have one and a half planets. […]

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