H. S. Udaykumar is a professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Iowa. He obtained a BTech degree from the Indian Institute of Technology and MS and PhD degrees from the University of Florida. He has been teaching at Iowa since 1999. His current work is mainly in the area of Energy, Energetics and Computer Simulations. He has done extensive work in tribal villages in Northwest India trying to find solutions to their energy needs. Udaykumar has been working to develop a stored energy solar cooker; in the meantime he and his co-authors have also been exploring other options to cut down on the use of firewood by the villagers.

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Firewood burning is the second most significant cause of deforestation worldwide, behind only livestock production.1 Loss of biodiversity, habitat niches, and carbon stocks caused by deforestation are all major global concerns. The emissions from incomplete combustion of firewood also present a major source of atmospheric pollution and global …

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