Harpinder Sandhu obtained a PhD in Agroecology from Lincoln University New Zealand. His research involves integration of environmental economics and ecology for understanding of the complex socio-ecological and economic dimensions of ecosystem services. Currently, Harpinder is working as an academic at Flinders University in Australia. Harpinder was selected by the United Nations Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services as an expert and lead author for a global assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem services. He has been nominated to the Advisory Panel on Agroecology for the Asia-Pacific region by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, and he is leading the Global Sectoral Group on Agro-ecosystems at the Ecosystem Services Partnership to advance the science and management of ecosystem services in agriculture.

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Key Concepts High input farming systems practiced around the world since 1960s have resulted in increase in productivity but have resulted in decline of biodiversity, ecosystem services and natural resources. Ecosystem services concept is appropriate to understand various trade-offs between agriculture and the environment. There is need to …

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Although global policies to reduce poverty, ensure food security, and improve environmental protection are in place, a new paradigm shift is required to fast-track sustainable development.1 This requires a new vision in global efforts and contributions by all sectors of the global economy, including agriculture.2 The agricultural sector …

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