In his 20 yrs working career Hasse Goosen (PhD) supported numerous governments at different administrative levels in the development of adaptation plans and strategies. He is director of the Climate Adaptation Services Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that integrates, visualizes and discloses climate information to support adaptation planning. He has as affiliation with Alterra-WUR as a senior researcher on climate change and adaptation. Hasse is experienced with developing and applying planning and decision support tools and techniques in the field of water management and adaptation to climate change. He leads the development of the Climate Atlas and spatial adaptation knowledge portal for the Netherlands. He is involved in the development of the Climate Atlas and touchtable in Bangladesh, and in the Himalaya countries (the Hi-aware project) and in Indonesia (JCP project). He is also involved in the development of the European Copernicus Climate Service development through the ClipC and SWICCA projects.

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Climate change has consequences for both natural and human systems.1 Adjusting these systems in order to moderate potential harm or exploit opportunities is called adaptation.2 This is facilitated by spatial planning that optimizes (future) land use.3–6 Local and regional spatial planning is particularly important for successful adaptation, as …

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