Ian McLean worked as an agricultural economist in NZ, and led an FAO/UNDP project in Tanzania. Elected to the NZ Parliament he was chair of the Public Expenditure Committee. On retiring as an MP, he chaired the NZ Earthquake Commission and was one of the first in the world to use Dynamic Financial Analysis commercially. He later advised on the formation of earthquake insurance schemes in Turkey and Romania under the World Bank. He led the revival of the LakesWater Quality Society which initiated restoration of the Rotorua lakes. He is chair of the Mahi Tahi Akoranga Trust which works with Maori inmates in prison.

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LakesWater Quality Society and the Restoration of the Rotorua Lakes A community group, the LakesWater Quality Society (LWQS), successfully initiated action to restore water quality in a major group of lakes in the Rotorua district. This account is written from the perspective of the chair of the Society from 2000 to 2006. It deals with […]

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