Dr. Ida Kubiszewski is an Associate Editor of Solutions.

Dr. Ida Kubiszewski is an Associate Professor at Crawford School of Public Policy at The Australian National University. She is the author or co-author of dozens of scientific papers and five books. She is a Fellow at the National Council for Science and the Environment and a Board Member at the Institut Veblen pour les réformes économiques (Veblen Institute for Economic Reforms) in Paris, France. She sits on the steering committees, editorial boards, or advisory boards of various organizations including the Ecosystem Service Partnership, Ecosystem Services the journal, and Environmental Information Coalition.

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Two decades of research into the management of what economists call common-pool resources suggests that, under the right conditions, local communities can manage shared resources sustainably and successfully. These revolutionary findings challenge the long-held belief in the “tragedy of the commons.” Instead, we have found that tragedy is not …

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As the unfolding nuclear disaster in Japan has shown, the costs of cleanup after a nuclear meltdown are borne in large part by national governments and taxpayers rather than the industry. Paying for cleanup is just one of many hidden costs of nuclear energy that make judging the value of nuclear power difficult. Many countries, […]

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