Dr. İdil Gaziulusoy is Principal Researcher at Victorian Eco-innovation Lab, Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning, University of Melbourne. She is a transdisciplinary design researcher focusing on system innovations for sustainability with a particular focus on linking micro-level innovations with macro-level innovations. She develops theories, tools and methods to link the day-to-day activities and strategic decisions of design and innovation teams to the longer-term, systemic and radical transformations which need to take place at the societal level to achieve sustainability. Idil has worked as a consultant and lecturer in Turkey and New Zealand before moving to Melbourne in 2013. She is also a visiting researcher at the Design for Sustainability Research Group at the Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands.

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Societal and technological transformation in the face of climate change will be won or lost in our cities and urban communities. This is not just because of the global urban demographic shift with more than 50 percent of the population now living in urban conditions, or because cities contribute around 70 to 80 percent of […]

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