John F. Meeder (Jack) earned his PhD in Marine Geology and Geophysics, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Miami in 1983. He worked a Assistant Director of Ecosystem Research Unit, National Audubon Society until 1993 and as Research Scientists, Southeast Environmental Research Center, Florida International University, Miami Florida until retirement in 2006. Since that time he’s been part time at SERC. Most of Dr. Meeder’s research has been to identify ecosystem problems, define pre-perturbation conditions, establish restoration goals and design remedial actions in fresh water and coastal wetlands. Dr. Meeder has also addressed the effects of accelerating rate of sea level rise on coastal ecosystems and processes.

The following are some select recent papers:

    Meeder, J.F. and R.W. Parkinson. 2018. SE Saline Everglades Transgressive Sedimentation in Response to Historic Acceleration in Sea-Level Rise: A Viable Marker for the Base of the Anthropocene? Journal of Coastal Research 34: 490-497.
    Meeder, J.F., R.W. Parkinson, P.L. Ruiz and M.S. Ross. 2017. Saltwater encroachment and prediction of future ecosystem response to the Anthropocene Marine Transgression, Southeast Saline Everglades, Florida. Hydrobiologia 803 (Issue 1): 29–48.
    Klaus, J. S., Meeder, J. F., McNeill, D. F., Woodhead, J. F. and Swart, P. K. 2017. Expanded Florida reef development during the mid-Pliocene warm period. Global and Planetary Change 152: 27-37
    Randall W. Parkinson, Christopher Craft, Ronald D. DeLaune, Joseph F. Donoghue, Michael Kearney , John F. Meeder, James Morris and R. Eugene Turner. 2017. Marsh vulnerability to sea-level rise. Correspondence. Nature Climate Change 7: 756.
    Parkinson, R.W., P.W. Harlem and J.F. Meeder. 2015. Managing the Anthropocene marine transgression to the year 2100 and beyond in the state of Florida, U.S.A. Climate Change
    Ross, M.S., J.P.Sah, J.F. Meeder, P.L. Ruiz and G.J.Telesnicki. 2013. (on line).Compositional effects of sea level rise in a patchy landscape: the dynamics of tree islands in the southeastern coastal Everglades.Wetlands DOI: 10.1007s13157-013-0376-2
    Harlem, P.W. and John F. Meeder. 2008. (on line) Using LiDAR for evaluating the impact of sea level rise in Miami-Dade County, Florida: A new approach. GEER Conference.on-line.

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The Problem Freshwater management activities designed to mitigate salt water encroachment (SWE) for freshwater vegetation in Biscayne Bay coastal wetlands needs to be done at a level that could flood urban communities on the edge of these wetlands. This paper discusses the results of changing water delivery on vegetation and makes suggestions …

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