Jamila Haider is a PhD candidate at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, where her thesis focuses on the dynamics of persistent poverty in biocultural landscapes. Her research seeks to identify linkages between social and ecological systems integral to resilience during a transformation process. She also works part time with the Resilience and Development Programme, currently using food as a lens to specify biocultural indicators in resilience assessments. She is co-author of the book “With our hands: A celebration of food, and life in the Afghan and Tajik Pamir Mountains, documenting traditional knowledge in a rapidly changing biocultural landscape.

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Our global food system has two opposing faces. It has almost one billion people suffering from hunger, while nearly the same number suffers from obesity. This is also a world where people struggle daily to obtain enough food, and where people waste more than that same amount every day. Global warming and extreme weather events […]

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Afghanistan is known to the world as a failed state. Who decides what a failed state is, and the extent to which one has failed? Max Weber describes a failed state as one which is unable to maintain a monopoly on the legitimate use of physical force within its borders.1 Noam Chomsky includes in the […]

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