Jane Berry is currently in Zambia co-managing the trial of a new anti-diarrhea kit for children, Kit Yamoyo, through the charity ColaLife that she established with her husband. The charity takes its name from a simple conundrum: Coca-Cola seems to be everywhere, so why aren’t life-saving medicines? Berry originally trained as a linguist and spent over 12 years in developing countries teaching English before designing and running a range of initiatives, from Women’s Enterprise Creation programs to business training for NGOs, communities and small businesses

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Mutinta’s five-month-old daughter has diarrhea. In developed nations, a stomach complaint like that might be a mere nuisance. However, in Zambia’s vast countryside—without electricity, water, soap, and medicine—diarrhea is a matter of life and death. Here, over 11,000 children die of diarrhea each year, while across the world there are 700,000 …

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