Jeffrey frequently addresses social and environmental responsibility at regional, national and international venues, and is often asked by other companies to consult on sustainability. His blog, Inspired Protagonist, is a closely-followed resource and guide for spotlighting socially responsible business practices and principles on the global stage. Jeffrey is the author of several books, including What Matters Most and Naturally Clean.

He is a member and former Director of the Social Venture Network, a group of socially-conscious business executives. He co-founded and was a Director of Community Capital Bank, a New York financial institution that invests in affordable housing and community development. He was also an Advisor to The Council on Economic Priorities’ best-selling guide book, Shopping for a Better World. Hollender served as President of The Rainforest Foundation USA from 1992 to 1996, an organization created to protect the rainforest and the human rights of its indigenous peoples. He also served as a Board member and Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility.

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Every day when we go to work, we have an opportunity—an opportunity to do better, work better, and raise our voices to build better companies. Most companies want to change how they do business in order to change the world. When we are the leaders of those businesses, we not only have an opportunity, we […]

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The United States—indeed, the global community—is at a crossroads. We have a choice between two futures. The first is business as usual. In an effort to continue economic growth in the conventional sense (growing Gross Domestic Product with little concern for distribution of wealth), we exacerbate all of the problems that GDP growth is …

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