Jeremy Russell-Smith is an ecologist with interests in achieving sustainable management outcomes in fire-prone savanna landscapes across northern Australia and nearby countries. He helps coordinate applied research programs of the Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research, Charles Darwin University, and the North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance.

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Much has changed over the past half century across the socio-cultural, ecologic-economic, and political landscapes of the northern quarter of Australia. At the start of the millennium, the vast, relatively unspoiled tropical savannas (covering a land area equivalent to Mexico) comprised one of the least densely populated, habitable regions of …

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One of Australia’s greatest challenges is the persistent socioeconomic disadvantage faced by Aboriginal (Indigenous) people. This is particularly acute in the more remote regions of northern Australia, where Indigenous Australians make up most of the nonurban population. They own much of the land and have interests in most of the remainder,1 …

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