John Fullerton is the founder of the Capital Institute and an ex-Managing Director for JP Morgan.  He has been thinking about that question for the past decade, convinced that our misguided finance – both ideology and practice – is the critical leverage point to transform our unsustainable economic system. Following his pioneering work on Regenerative Economics grounded in living systems principles, John is now ready to share his vision for ten critical policy proposals to shift the financial system to work in service of regenerative economies, unlocking the potential they hold for a prosperous future. John Fullerton’s work has been previously referenced in Solution’s Journal by Hunter Lovins, Sandrine Dixson-Declѐve, and Mamphela Ramphele.[i]

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An Agenda for Genuine Financial System Reform Ask yourself: What would a financial system need to look like to serve the emergence of regenerative economies? This is a call to transform finance. That transformation will remove obstacles to the emergence of a healthy, regenerative economy, and will materially shrink the financial sector in the …

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