Katie Kish is a postdoctoral fellow for the Economics for the Anthropocene project at McGill University and Vice-President Communications for the Canadian Society for Ecological Economics. Her background is in systems thinking and complexity science which she applies to her current research on exploring radical and disruptive political economies and possible pathways to alternative futures. Katie is currently co-editing a book titled Freedom on a Finite Planet: Rethinking Liberty and the Politics of the Anthropocene and two special issues on a research agenda for Ecological Economics in the Journal of Sustainability and the Journal for Ecological Economics.

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What happens when you give a fourth grader a power drill? With some wood and a little direction, she’ll create and decorate her own keepsake box. Change the drill out for a soldering iron and she’ll learning first-hand how to direct and manipulate the power of electricity. Children all over the world are learning how […]

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