Kei Otsuki is a research associate at United Nations University Institute for Sustainability and Peace. Her work centers on linking social transformation and sustainable development in the global South, drawing on a wide range of in-depth case studies. She has just published “Sustainable Development in Amazonia: Paradise in the Making” (Earthscan, 2013).

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Discussions about the green economy are shifting the emphasis of development from quantity to quality: the narrow focus on economic growth is opening up to include concerns about environmental sustainability and social equity. Public sector food procurement is one area where price concerns have typically triumphed over nutritional value. But, …

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In many ways, the Kenyan capital of Nairobi embodies the promise and perils of twenty-first century Africa. The city is home to a flourishing tech industry that has successfully pioneered innovations such as mobile phone banking. The idea that Africa could make up for its chronic lack of infrastructure and ineffective administrations by …

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