After 9 years in the chemical equipment supply industry joined Edinburgh’s Heriot Watt University, Chemical and Process Engineering Department in 1970 and spent the next 35 years teaching, researching and consulting in an eclectic mix of subjects related to the environment, aquaculture, pollution control and wastewater treatment before retiring in 2003.
In the early 80’s became the founder Editor of Elsevier’s Aquacultural Engineering (AE) Journal and Chairman of the UK’s IChemE’s AE Subject Group while in 1993, as Director of Teaching in the Department, initiated a post graduate MSc program with my colleague, Dr. Boron which was re-named Sustainable Process Management in 2000.
Although retired I continue to be involved with a Post Graduate program in France and for fun completed a Masters from Aberdeen University in 2009; but, to be honest, really prefer planting trees on the croft at Breasclete on the Isle of Lewis.

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Following on from my thoughts published in the April 2019 issue of The Solutions Journal, I started to reflect on what was written and wondered if it would be of interest to readers to know how this management approach has been implemented within a business. To re-cap, an organisation has “Un-sustainable Activities”, wherever it sits […]

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Why has Sustainable Development (SD) become so complex for business? The more I read in the academic literature, trade press and business news sections of the convoluted approaches organisations, academics and professional advisers treat this serious issue the more despondent I become. I’m sure Brundtland did not foresee this when she put her …

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