Laura Musikanski is the executive director of the Happiness, a nonprofit providing resources and tools in the Happiness and Well-being Movement since 2010. She deeply believes in grassroots activism and community organizing for social change. The Happiness Alliance is a deeply grassroots project that captured Laura’s heart when working in the sustainability field. Before co-founding the Happiness Alliance, she was the executive director of Sustainable Seattle and a sustainability director for a national environmental consulting firm. She is the author of How to Account for Sustainability: a guide to measuring and managing and Decoding Sustainability. Laura is a lawyer with an MBA.

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Happiness: is it just a fad of the day or the wave of the future? On July 19th, 2011, the United Nations (UN) passed a resolution urging governments across the globe to start measuring happiness and well-being “with a view to guiding public policy.” The UN recognizes that gross domestic product (GDP) is an insufficient […]

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