Dr. Luca Marazzi is an aquatic ecologist and an interdisciplinary environmental scientist. He currently works as Postdoctoral Associate in the Southeast Environmental Research Center at Florida International University in Miami (USA). He investigates how communities of freshwater microalgae, such as diatoms and desmids, respond to hydrological, resource, and habitat factors and processes in the Everglades and in the Okavango Delta (Botswana). He created and is the editor of the “Diatom of the Month” blog series. His research interests are evolving to encompass the assessment of wetland restoration progress through comparisons between case studies around the world.


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Loss, Restoration and Multiple Values of Wetlands Where data exists, it has been shown that humans have destroyed 50-87% of the world’s original wetlands1, leaving about 12 million km2 of wetland area2. This alarming loss of wetlands was mostly caused by agricultural and urban development. Stakeholders involved in the conversion of wetlands …

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