Mariam manages the Ramsar Convention Secretariat’s Culture & Livelihoods Partnership, which seeks to support the integration of cultural practices, communities, and livelihoods within wetland management. Prior to joining the Ramsar Secretariat, she coordinated IUCN’s World Heritage Conservation Team and led the development of World Heritage Outlook. Over the last ten years she has had varied experiences working with protected areas, multilateral environmental agreements, communities, and land-use planning. Mariam has field research experience in Indonesia and Madagascar and is of Swiss, American and Somali heritage.

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Across the world, women play a central role in providing, managing, and safeguarding wetland and water resources. The purpose of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands is to support the conservation and wise use of these extraordinary natural areas. Case studies featuring women from Ramsar Sites in Burkina Faso, Greece, and Iraq can be used to […]

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Almost 25 years ago, women and men gathered in Dublin, Ireland, for an international conference on water and the environment. The Dublin Statement on Water and Sustainable Development agreed upon at this event was a pivotal document six months before Rio and the Earth Summit.1 The Dublin Statement provided the first official recognition of …

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