Mark Nelson is an ecosystem engineer and researcher, and one of the original “Biospherians.” He is Chairman and CEO, and a founding director, of the Institute of Ecotechnics ( and head of the Biospheric Design Division of Global Ecotechnics Corp. In addition to the deserts of Iraq, his Wastewater Gardens projects have taken him to the coast of Yucatan, Mexico; the high desert grassland south of Santa Fe, New Mexico; the semi-arid tropical savannah of West Australia; and the resorts of Bali. He is the author of The Wastewater Gardener: Preserving the Planet One Flush at a Time (, published in June 2014 by Synergetic Press.

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At last the Garden of Eden in southern Iraq will have ecologically sound waste treatment and re-use. Iraq forms the southeasterly bend of the Fertile Crescent and literally means the land between two rivers: the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. Amid the country’s ongoing strife it’s sometimes easy to forget that Iraq is the birthplace of […]

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