Mark is the Coordinator for the ELD Initiative’s Secretariat at GIZ, responsible for the initiation and the overall coordination of the ELD project. He previously worked for the United Nations Environment Program as the Head of the Central Office of TEEB and the Division for International Nature Conservation of the German Federal Ministry for Environment. He holds a Master’s Degree in Forestry Management and still enjoys cutting his own firewood. After his graduation, he worked in Europe, southern Africa, and southern Asia on natural resource and land management, focusing on the interconnectedness of land related issues with economics, poverty alleviation, and institutional support programs.

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Land degradation is an underestimated global concern with far-reaching implications affecting the ability of land to provide food and incomes. Globally, a large portion of the vulnerable human populations—the rural poor—live on degrading and less-favored agricultural lands without market access. Heterogeneous solutions that ensure both …

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