Megan Bailey is an Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair in Integrated Ocean and Coastal Governance with the Marine Affairs Program at Dalhousie University (Canada). Her expertise is in fisheries economics and environmental policy, with particular emphasis on the governance of shared fish stocks, and the tensions and synergies between private and public governance. Megan serves on the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee of the International Pole and Line Foundation, which works to develop, support, and promote socially and environmentally responsible tuna fisheries around the world.

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An overfishing and overconsumption crisis has resulted in global declines of marine fish stocks. So while global population is increasing, the ability of our oceans to support that population through wild capture fisheries is becoming questionable. Despite major efforts by governments and marine conservation organizations to control fisheries …

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At a recent meeting of academics and activists, a farmer stood up to address the overcrowded meeting room. “If you are optimistic about the future of our food systems, and our planet, you are naive at best,” she said, “but, if you do not have hope, then you have nothing.” It is indeed hard to […]

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