Michael T. Davis is Lecturer in the School of Humanities at Griffith University. His publications include Radicalism and Revolution in Britain, 1775-1848 (2000); London Corresponding Society (2002); Newgate in Revolution: An Anthology of Radical Prison Literature in the Age of Revolution (ed. with I. McCalman and C. Parolin, 2005); Unrespectable Radicals? Popular Politics in the Age of Reform (ed. with P. A. Pickering, 2008); and Terror: From Tyrannicide to Terrorism in Europe, 1605 to the Future (ed. with B. Bowden, 2008).

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Here is one of the most intriguing questions of our time—what is China’s political destiny? For some, the answer seems self-evident: world domination. Martin Jacques and many other China-watchers say it is not ‘if,’ but ‘when China rules the world.’1 But the burning question is, how will China rule itself? How will it survive as […]

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