Molly Bernstein has worked as a journalist in Amman, Jordan and as a fellow at the Fuller Project for International Reporting in Istanbul, Turkey. She is currently studying for a graduate degree in Global Human Development at Georgetown University.

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As their rickety boat approaches shore, sending ripples across the surface of the glossy river water, 17-year-old Filipe and a handful of his classmates hop off and head to class. Teachers are scarce in this remote swath of the Brazilian rainforest. But Filipe’s classroom now has a television screen, and as he arrives, a teacher […]

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Oumo, from sub-Saharan Africa, was forced to trade sex twice for a fake passport and passage to Turkey on her way to Greece. Noor, a pregnant mother of two, was freezing and in severe pain as she waited for a train near the Serbian-Croatian border, unknowingly sitting just meters away from medical services. The journey […]

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