Monique van Wijnbergen is Sustainability and Corporate Communications Director at Natural Habitats Group, a company fully committed to the sustainable production of organic and fair-trade palm oil.  She is also a spokesperson for Palm Done Right, an international campaign on a mission to change the conversation around palm oil and to advocate palm can be grown for good. Monique combines ten years of experience as a commercial lead in the fast-moving consumer goods sector, with extensive experience working at the intersection of sustainability and commerce.  She worked as an advisor for Oxfam’s FAIR Company-Community partnership program in palm oil and was the marketing and communication lead at sustainability program UTZ Certified.

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Palm oil is an ingredient as widespread as it is controversial. Found in products like food, cosmetics, soap and even detergent, it is a hot topic among those concerned with the environment, animal welfare, and food justice. In the media there has been a lot of attention on palm oil, especially for the downside of […]

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In the great palm oil debate, which is currently raging, amidst allegations of the pursuit of profit at the expense of sustainability, it seems that some kernels of truth have been lost along the way. Palm oil is a harmless, natural product in and of itself; it is the nature of human action which causes […]

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