Dr Nick Hardman-Mountford is a Principal Scientist and biogeochemical oceanographer with CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere Flagship, based in Perth, Western Australia. Previously he worked as Senior Scientist at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory, as Ocean Carbon Cycle theme leader in the UK National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO), and as Acting Director of the Centre for observation of Air-Sea Interactions and Fluxes (CASIX). His research focuses on ocean biogeochemical processes, including satellite and in situ observations and numerical modelling of the ocean carbon cycle. More recently he has extended this research interest in carbon cycling to economic considerations of how to value carbon in ecosystems.

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testing Unconstrained free markets by their nature pose a threat to the natural environment. Few people believe that without regulation of these markets, the environment can avoid irreparable damage. However, experts disagree on the cause of this threat. Some authors see this as a system failure, which can be addressed only via a significant …

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